Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training®

Rhythmic Movement Training is a method, developed by Harald Blomberg (MD), with a capacity to help children with motor, learning, attention problems and autism, and adults with a wide variety of complaints.

BRMT is a holistic training method based on the infants' earliest movements and the natural rhythms that occur as they move forward in their development. The Swedish therapist Kerstin Linde studied and modified the movements so that they could be used for retraining of the body. MD Harald Blomberg has developed Rhythmic Movement Training into a training method for anyone who needs help getting in balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Courses are held in countries all over the world. 

By learning and understanding the theory and practice of reflex patterns and rhythmic movements, we can help ourselves and others to find more organic movement patterns and thus go to the root cause of problems in the body.

We learn to test and integrate primitive reflexes both through Isometric Pressure and Rhythmic Movements. 
This is a simple yet very complex and holistic method, which can be used for different purposes: self-help, in your practice with clients, therapeutic contexts and work with children in school / preschool. 

The success of the method is dependent on instructors and consultants having a thorough practical experience and theoretical understanding of the method. In order to preserve the good reputation of Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training, Dr. Harald Blomberg keeps on updating his instructors at least twice a year. 

More information about this method you can find in one of the books by Harald Blomberg. Following this link: 'The Rhythmic Movement Method' will let you view the first 67 pages of this book. 

Please visit The international website of Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training to learn more about the method, classes and different career paths.

For questions about the training in relation to your previous knowledge and which classes to choose in the Netherlands you can also contact Maria Franzén.


De nieuwe RMT cursussen met Maria Franzén voor 2019 worden na de zomervakantie 2018 gepland. Wil je op de hoogte blijven van deze cursussen, stuur dan een mailtje naar Opleidingsinstituut De Kleine Parel.

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