Brain@Work for Schools | 2 en 3 november 2019 (Delft/Den Haag)

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Brain@Work for Schools - Essential Movements integrate automatic primitive reflexes and create a solid foundation for all learning, personal development and inner growth, coping with daily challenges and stress.

Datum: 2 en 3 november 2019

Tijdstip: 10.00 tot 16.00 uur

Locatie: Delft/Den Haag (wordt nog bekend gemaakt)

Kosten: € 280,- 

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Research shows that physical activity increases children’s capacity to learn and interact. Brain@Work has developed various functional activities that help children’s development of fine and gross motor skills, cognitive and social skills.

Brain@Work facilitates children’s learning process in a healthy way. The activities have a positive affect on concentration, focus, memory, creativity and building stress resilience.

The exercises can be performed in the classroom, in the hallway and at the playground, with a wide variety of short active pauses, special group activities and the opportunity of individual practice.

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