Terms of delivery

1. Terms of delivery apply to all orders placed in this webshop. The foundation The Juke Joints has the right to change these terms and the content of the webshop at all times.

2. Prices. All prices in this webshop are valid when ordering in this webshop at the time of purchase. You will receive an e-mail to confirm the purchase. When ordering a subsequent purchase, prices could have been changed. Extreme price deviations can lead to not delivering of articles.

3. Receipt. All articles shown in this webshop are non-committal untill you receive an order confirmation by e-mail. On this confirmation is mentioned the article description, the price, the number of articles, your name, your adress and your e-mail, and the order number.

4. Agreement. By sending an order to us you have a contract agreement with the foundation The Juke Joints. You are commited to pay the order in advance. The foundation The Juke Joints is commited to send the article(s) to you, after payment.

Information on this webpages may not be used or copied for commercial use.

(Download the Terms and Conditions as a PDF document.)
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