Early bird TICKETS for : Sept 23- Jazzy Savasana Concert Leah Kline& Friends

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€ 25.00 € 20.00 (inclusief 6% BTW)

Date: Saturday, Sept 23, 2017
Doors open at 19:00: There is a cafe for tea and drinks
Starting time: 20.00 hour
Maximum 60 yogamats. The yogamats blankets and sit cushions are provided by the studio.
20 euro -early bird until Sept 15
25 euro at the door if not sold out.
All unpaid reservations will be held for 5 days.

Leah Kline -poet and vocals;

Mateusz Pulawski- guitar and vocals;

Thomas Winter Anderson - Contrabass

Do you love music but don't want to be distracted by the social aspects of chatting and drinking WHILE listening!
You are going to love a SAVASANA CONCERT.
Let me serenade you with my musicians in a relaxing jazzy way with Songs  from my heart to yours.  !!
Studio 1 of de Nieuwe Yoga School is the place of many events, workshops and lectures. And on this date Léah will sing again. This will be the 9th concert at DNYS of a lay-down concert = Savasana Concert. Each on his/her own yoga mat. Listening comfortably. Maybe with a blanket and cushion. Letting the vibrations of the music and song roll over you, touch you, reach you in a new way.
Please Wear comfortable clothing, NO SHOES, so bring your warm socks and your favorite blanket or support. and an open mind!
The music on this day will be will be jazzy relaxing tunes that ring out in the space guitar , acoustic bass and vocal based.

Do you want to attend the concert for FREE . I need 5 volunteers to help out with set up , break down, greeting guests , taking pictures or being an usher at the door? Send me an email as well

THE STORY:in 2015 Léah Kline was rehearsing for a concert and as the rehearsal came to an end she took a little break by laying down on the floor (like she usually does). This pose on the back with legs and arms out to the side is the "resting and meditating" pose often practiced in yoga called Savasana. (Sha Va Sa Na)
Leah is, in addition to being a passionate jazz vocalist, a passionate yoga practitioner.

At the moment she laid down her pianist colleague revealed that he was practicing some classical music and wanted to know if she wouldn't mind giving a listen.

"Wonderful idea", she thought. "Go ahead, I am just gonna lay here".

Laying down the music wafted over her and all the dynamics of this piano solo came into her bones, through her skin and just came alive in a way she had never experienced sitting upright in the wooden chairs at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

This experience brought about the idea and confirmation of a concept that we as a modern culture do a lot of listening with our eyes, and that maybe the upright seated position is less conducive to experiencing music than the laying down position.

Leah Kline, voice
Mateusz Pulawski, guitar & Thomas Winter Anderson, Contrabass

My two loves in one evening.
Jazz & Yoga

Sharing this is for me the ultimate yogic experience and new way to let go of performing and just sing. music and silence and all of us together. Every Savasana Concert fills me, the musicians and the audience with so much emotion and energy. I would be honored if you would come and share this experience with us.


Effects of a Savasana Concert!

'Heel Mooi! Rustgevend. '
'Prachtige klanken cadeau van mijn lieve dochters!'
'From the heart for the heart and straight into the soul. Thank you'
'A beautiful evening'

'Heerlijk om hier aanwezig te kunnen zijn en weg te dromen'
'Wat een prachtige ervaring. Niet positief, niet negatief . het was gewoon, zonder perceptie van tijd. Dit zal me nog lang bij blijven'

'A super relaxing concert'
'Still trying to find the words..... I really enjoyed it.'


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