CD- JuzzFlirtin - Dirk Balthaus /Léah Kline

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Here SIGNED (if you want) copies of Leah Kline's album JUZZ FLIRTiN'.  Released in Japan and Europe 2007

JuzzFlirtin is an album of original tunes by international jazz musicians Dirk Balthaus and Léah Kline, available online (ITunes...) digitally .

Reviews of album JuzzFlirtin
' Juzz Flirtin" begins like a standard jazz album, then with each song glides deeper and deeper in. The album is pulled along playfully with the words along a central theme of the afore mentioned mysticism and “synergy” Everything is so sumptuously present that one cannot make out the ice cream under the chocolate sauce from the nuts, the caramel cream and the whipped cream.

And on top of that : Léah Kline’s  lyrics twirl clearly from esotery, to even mysticism.

The music is to be praised.'  -Michael Arens ( jazz writer)

Listed in a compilation of the top jazz singers in the world - The Jazz Singers- the ultimate guide by jazz critic, Scott Yanow,
Leah Kline, a bit of an enigma, known for her mystical lyric writing, theatrical jazz singing, and locally named as the jazz-singing yogi!  

new music video  HEY YOU! is online today.

Thanks to the talented young actor: Jasper van der Veen and  the support and enthusiasm of friends and multi-talented musicians, Wolfgang Maiwald, Jase Maxwell, who helped make this video a reality.
Hey You! started as a poem written in a cafe in Amsterdam by Leah  and was set to music by jazz composer, Dirk Balthaus.  This and other jazz grooves on the album JuzzFlirtin.  




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