Sufi burden stone

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Pilgrim rituals are centuries old. The same goes for carrying a stone to put it in a symbolic place. Laying the stone would then be a symbol for laying down a problem, a burden or concern, or also the burdens and concerns of another. Many pilgrims brought their stones to a highest point to be released there and to surrender to heaven. The Sufi Trail also has a special ritual for the worries, burdens and / or sins that people want to give up to the heavenly will. For yourself or someone else, the stone can be taken at the highest point at Emir Dede were the redemption comes. And especially for this use, Sufi stones are painted by Linda Pijl, a Dutch artist in Yalova. Going through this age-old ritual can bring great power and intuitively the stone that comes with you on your Sufi journey will come your way. Sufi travelers who have a passport can pick out their stones from Ahmet Yigit in Yalova to pick up their worries, burdens and / or someone else's. Arrived at Emir Dede, the burden stones can be handed over, at the highest point as close as possible to heaven so that the heavenly will can happen.

Please note: Collect your Burden stone @Ahmet Yigit in Yalova


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