Monitor or FrontOfHouse?

So you're not sure where you want to set your console? And you're still afraid not to be able to control your monitor?

Here's the RunningMate! Put a monitor and a mouse next to the stage, and its becomes your monitor desk!  

Or leave your desk next to the stage, and use the RunningMate at the FOH mixer position! Or both! 

The best part of the new generation mixers is that you can stack multiple RunningMates on one desk, so you can have both a left ánd a right side monitor place, a front of house desk ánd a delay-unit all together at only 1 console! Just get them on the LAN-router, of the wifi, and you can set the speaker you are close by. 


All M32 and X32 desks have multiple outputs. Mostly enough outputs to cover most bands requirements. 

But where are you gonna put is? Next to the drummer? At the FOH? Now it's no big deal anymore. Get a long CAT5 or CAT6 cable (UTP) and set the Runningmate at any place or corner you feel like, or in every corner. 

It is FOH mixers favorite tool, and your guitarist can add a bit of this and that to his monitor at the same time.

Just dont put your expensive irreplacable private laptop at risk, anymore.... Order your RunningMate solution here at SuDoSound!

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