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Last year, I was on a tour with a Rock’n’Roll band through California, Arizona and Nevada, with a Behringer X-module, and just my personal laptop to control it. The system worked great, just as long as it was wired with a LAN-cable (any cat5 did the job). But when I wanted to go WiFi, it sometimes dropped out. And my personal laptop (with precious photo’s, expensive software, and important emails......)  was just sitting next to a stage with lots of people passing by… I ended up with a cup a coffee on my laptop (?!?!).

So I wanted an extra laptop for the FOH, or just to walk through the venue to tweak things a bit, to make sure the wired main LAN-connected laptop stayed in place when the WiFi-one dropped out. So here I was with 2 laptops, an iPad for the lead singer, and a backpack full of power supplies, routers, wires, and connectors. 

And then it dawned to me, a Raspberry Pi with the right software would be all of this, to get the show going. A standard HDMI-monitor and a mouse, and a micro-USB power supply should do the job. Big advantage : a huge 27” screen (over my 13” laptop), a mouse, and a computer the size of a Leatherman® of MagLite® in my backpack are now my remote controller of any digital Midas M-console or Behringer X-board!

Best part of the deal: Nobody wants to “borrow” my laptop anymore !

So I invented the RunningMate. It is what I said, a RasPi computer with the Midas M and Behringer X software on it, it needs only an HDMI-monitor and a mouse, and a wired LAN/Cat5 cable, and your up and running! All software packages are pre-installed, and the Pi is tested running. No funny stuff anymore trying to get the software going, the RunningMate is Ready to Rock! And my laptop stays in my backpack. 

And once we got some other brands going, the software to these other mixing machines will be available too...


Sooo, when you feel like your laptop is not a toy, but you want to go digital anyway, get yourself a RunningMate. Use it as a compact FOH-postition controller with a full board next to the stage, or as a main controller with a Midas or Behringer module-board or Core. Use 2 of them when you have a huge stage, and you want a mixer on both sides, or even three including the FOH, a small router or switch will do. And remember: there's no WiFi drop-outs when wired! So stay online whith a wire.

wanna see the settings?






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