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Please meet our Running Mate

-  Raspberry Pi 2B, 

-  luxury solid black case, 

-  8GB microSD drive with  Midas M-serie en Behringer X-serie pre-installed. 



We deliver preprogrammed Raspberry Pi Micro Computers with remote software control for the Midas M32 and Behringer X-Air and X-32 Digital Mixer series.

If you turn this unit on it automatically starts in a menu with the four mixer packages. No setup hassles, just plug'n'play!. Get your HDMI-monitor and a mouse, and you're good to go. 

It lets you control your Midas/Behringer device without your laptop or iPad, with a cabinet at the size of a pack of cigarettes. Because most wireless routers are getting unreliable in larger crowds, it is used best via a wired LAN network. You have already a USB mouse, a USB keyboard, a LAN cable and a HDMI-monitor? Then this is your control for ALL MIDAS and BEHRINGER digital mixers M-32, M-Air, X-Air and X-32 series. Now with a small mediaplayer for your USB MP3, so your background music can play from the 1/8" phones-connector.

Please note - this is the wired LAN-version, because wireless routers are unstable.

Optionally an external router between them is - as always - no problem.

 Dimensions approx 3,5x8x12 cm - 1,5"x3,5"x5"  - this really fit into any backpack / PeliCase of each soundtec. An average of 20 pieces on stock, but the delivery may take up to a week ex packing'n'posting.

Included - worldwide shipping.  


Not included:

Customs when applicable are not included.

a PowerSupply cable ( it is running on Micro-USB, like most cell-phone's) 

HDMI- cable or monitor

USB-Mouse or USB-keyboard.

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