why a RunningMate?

Please meet the RunningMate by SuDoSound! 

So, you bought a Midas M32, or a Behringer X32, a Compact, or even a smaller MR18 MR12, XR18, XR16 or XR12 version. And now you can't read that 7" tiny screen? Problems with drop-outs in the WiFi? Or are you lost in that micro-mini-menu on the 32 Rack 5" micro-mini-tiny-display


Bigger is Better! 

Buy your RunningMate today, and use your own old 24" or even 27" computer monitor to control your settings! Or get an HDI compliant touchscreen and swipe your own mix into shape! 

The RunnigMate is a graphic interface, with a touchscreen, mouse and keyboard option to digitalize your faderboard. Now your mixerboard becomes a computerscreen, and your computer screen becomes your board!

We build Raspberry Pi mini-computers into dedicated machines for the Sound Engineers, and we named them RunningMate's. Simple. Because they are always convenient in any place at anytime, without disturbing your mixing routine. They fit in, and never drop out... 

And we deliver them Plug'n'Play. No hassle about SD-cards, no software patches, no programming software. We did that for you. Its a working machine, just power up and play!

So get your Runningmate today at SuDoSound!


24" vs 7" ...  Better ?? Better !!



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