General Terms and Conditions - The I Opener


General Terms and Conditions of The I Opener, established at Reyer Anslostraat 44, NL - 3522 DJ, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 30286826.

1) The General Terms and Conditions apply to all activities of Saskia Baardman and her coaching and training company, The I Opener, and all agreements made with her concerning workshops, trainings, courses, coaching and others, hereinafter referred to as TRAINING. A coachee, client, customer or participant will be hereinafter referred to as Other Party.

2) The General Terms and Conditions always apply in the context to the respective TRAINING, which is mentioned on the registration form, in the webshop or communicated to the Other Party in any other way by The I Opener.

3) An additional agreement made between The I Opener and the Other Party, other than mentioned in the registration form / webshop and General Terms and Conditions, are only binding if The I Opener confirmed it in writing.

4) Quotations from The I Opener, regardless of place and time of announcement, are always without obligation and subject to price, program and date changes. 

5) TRAINING can only take place when there are enough Other Parties. The I Opener decides about the minimum number of Other Parties. 

6) At least one week before the first date of TRAINING takes place, the Other Party receives the final written confirmation.

7) Binding registrations for TRAINING must be submitted in writing to The I Opener two weeks before the start of the training at the latest. Registrations made earlier can be withdrawn up to two weeks in advance. In this case, an administration fee of €15 will be charged.

8) If the Other Party withdraws the registration later than two weeks before the start of TRAINING, he / she pays 50% of the participation fee. 

9) In case of cancellation within one week before the start of TRAINING, after TRAINING has started or already ended, the Other Party pays 100% of the participation fee. The participation fee is to be paid in one payment, unless agreed otherwise on the registration form or in the webshop of The I Opener.

10) In case of proof of force majeure, the Other Party takes the initiative to discuss the possibilities of refunds or alternative solutions with The I Opener.

11) Admission to the TRAINING is generally in accordance with the order of registration. In principle, The I Opener is entitled, with regard to the interests and possibilities of the individual Other Party and also of the entire group, not to allow (further) registered Other Parties for individual or already started TRAINING.

12) The Other Party pays the participation fee of the TRAINING to The I Opener on time at the agreed time, according to the payment dates agreed on the registration form.

13) If the Other Party does not pay in time, he / she is in default after one reminder, written or verbally announced. In this case, on top of the defaulting amount, 2% of the amount will be charged.

14) If The I Opener is forced by nonpayment of the Other Party to transfer its claim to a debt collection agency, any resulting judicial and extrajudicial costs will be borne by the Other Party.

15) If a TRAINING session needs to be cancelled by The I Opener, an alternative date or solution will be offered.

16) The I Opener excludes all forms of liability, for any damage incurred (mental, emotional, physical and material), arising before, during and/or after participation in a TRAINING or any other offer of The I Opener.

17) In case the Other Party has a history of or current psychological, psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment, or any kind of physical brain damage, he / she must discuss this with The I Opener before final registration to a TRAINING.

18) No drugs or alcohol are allowed before or during a TRAINING session. In case of heavy consumption of drugs or alcohol between training sessions, The I Opener advises against participation. If The I Opener suspects the Other Party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs during TRAINING, The I Opener is entitled to refuse any further access of the Other Party to the TRAINING, without any refunds.

19) The I Opener handles any information received by the Other Party confidentially. Please read the Privacy Statement of The I Opener for further information:

20) Any training material of The I Opener is and will remain the property of The I Opener, even after participation in a TRAINING. The content of a TRAINING, (e-)book or other (e-)materials may not be reproduced or published, electronically, mechanically or in any form whatsoever. An exception requires a written confirmation from The I Opener.

21) The agreement between The I Opener and the Other Party leads to a best efforts obligation and not to an obligation of result. The I Opener therefore guarantees that the work performed by it complies with the agreement and is properly performed. This guarantee is applicable to TRAINING and any other offer of The I Opener within and outside the Netherlands. The I Opener is not responsible for the implementation and / or follow-up of possible advice. Following the advice is at the expense and risk of the Other Party.

22) Regulation on individual dates:
- Agreed dates are binding.
- Appointments can be cancelled no later than 26 hours before the agreed date and time without giving reasons. If an appointment is cancelled in time, no fee will be charged.
- The fee for a cancellation within 26 hours before the agreed time is the amount paid by The I Opener for reserving an office or practice space.
- If the appointment is missed without cancellation, a claim in the amount of €40, VAT excluded, per appointment arises. If the fee of reserving an office or practice space exceeds the amount of €40, then that fee will be charged.
- The agreed time is reserved exclusively for the Other Party. In case of delays of the Other Party, irrelevant of the causative reasons, it is valid that only the agreed time slot is available. If it is possible to extend the time slot for the appointment, and if it fits the needs and goals of the Other Party, and if there will not be a follow-up appointment where the missed time can be catched up, the extra time will be charged.
- Audio files created during TRAINING or individual sessions are not part of the offers or services provided by The I Opener, but in some cases can be an addition, which will be announced in writing. There can be no legal claim.

23) Regulation on distance purchase of products:
- Delivery takes place within 30 days after the date of payment received. The intention of The I Opener is to deliver as soon as possible. The Other Party will be informed per email about the mailing date.
- In case of distance purchase, the Other Party has the right to revoke the agreement within fourteen calendar days after receipt of the goods delivered by The I Opener and / or after the Agreement made, without giving reasons. Exceptions: Soul Inspiration Card, as this is a tailor-made and personal product; E-books and other e-products; distant Energy Reading or Healing that was already given within those fourteen calendar days.
- In case a physical product has not been delivered by the postal office for whatever reason, the Other Party has no right on monetary refunds or a new/substitute product. However, The I Opener recommends to contact us, so possibilities and an alternative solution can at least be discussed.

24) All prices are in Euros. Inclusion or exclusion of VAT and any additional costs are mentioned on the website, webshop and/or via email per product or service. The I Opener is entitled to alter the General Terms and Conditions unilateral. Changes made will apply to current and previous agreements and are valid 30 days after the Other Party has been informed. The I Opener will inform the Other Party about the new General Terms and Conditions via email. If the Other Party does not agree with the changes made, then he/she has the possibility to cancel the agreement.

25) All legal relationships with The I Opener are exclusively governed by Dutch law. This also applies if an obligation is wholly or partially performed abroad or if the Other Party is domiciled abroad. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is excluded.

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