Belize - Birds guide

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Field guide - Belize Birds

Pocket field guide of the most encountered birds in Belize.
Belize - Birds Pocket Field Guide | Rainforest Publications (1888538-56-2)

Birds guide Belize

Belize, is like many countries in Central America, a birding paradise. It has many different eco-systems, like savannahs, rainforest, broadleaf and pine forests, mangroves and swamps. During a bird watching trip in Belize a good field guide is a must have. Birders should consider buying this great pocket bird guide by Rainforest Publications. It shows illustrations of all birds often recorded in Belize. The nature guide is 61 x 22 cm and 9 x 22 cm when folded.

Birds in Belize

Which birds live in Belize? Some examples of illustrated birds: brown pelican, double crested cormorant, American white pelican, frigatebird, green heron, boat-billed heron, greater flamingo, roseate spoonbill, great egret, white ibis, jabiru, wood stork, various vultures, hawks, falcons, limpkin, pigeons, tanagers, honeycreepers, grosbeaks, blackbirds, Montezuma oropendola, woodpeckers, flycatchers, scarlet macaws and parrots and parakeets.

Belize - Birds Field Guide

ISBN / Code: 1888538-56-2
Publisher: Rainforest Publications
Type: Nature guide / Bird guide / Fold out guide
Language: English- Latin

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