Bruce Wayland [American, New York City] and Marcello De Simone [Italian, Lecce] met in Amsterdam, and formed Little Owl Design in 2010.
The first project the duo created ‘Altered Perspectives’ is a mixed media installation of European and Oriental plates and oil paintings on canvas combined together to form unique pieces.

Since 2014 are the ‘Altered Perspectives’ produced as art pieces under the name DeSimoneWayland.

They next developed a collection of wallpapers, inspired by nature, from the skies of Holland combined with 18th C. etchings, to 19th C. Dutch herbaria, and a 19th C. Dutch star chart of the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2013 Little Owl Design created a borosilicate glass box –'Double Take' in which they combined imagery of the 18th C. with the latest technology in glass transfers.

In 2014 a new limited edition series –‘Altered Histories’ was first shown. The linen canvas was cast into the ceramic, producing a tactile surface on the plates, which were then later decorated with transfers of paintings and ceramic décors created by the designers.

The dialogue between the two seemingly disparate mediums of canvas and ceramics was the inspiration of Little Owl Design's latest project: the unique stoneware and porcelain collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind ceramics  ‘From A Different Cloth’.
Having selected antique textiles, they were cast  together with the ceramics in positive relief, reproducing the finest details of their structure while at the same time adding a softening effect to the various forms, all of which have a rich history.
The result reproduces the softness of the textile into the hardness of the ceramics, creating a highly tactile quality which challenges the viewer’s expectations and forces them to look further.

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