Books and Charts

A chart contains a clear pattern, with a clear explanation.

According to books: Have a look at the website for the description.

When other items are added, this will be clear in the description.

  • Bookmark, Japanese folding - Origami
    Bookmark, Japanese folding - Origami

    Jewelflower®: Origami - Japanese folding technique. Pattern only.

    € 5,15
  • -25%

    Folklore from the Carpathians with a twist
    Folklore from the Carpathians with a twist

    Jewelflower®: Our own publication. 14 pages. In English as well as in Dutch. The inspiration came from very old patterns from the Carpathians. This patterns are transformed into contempory patterns. The original colours are kept…

    € 9,95 € 7,50
  • Maria van Scharrenburg - Borders
    Maria van Scharrenburg - Borders

    Jewelflower®: This pattern you can only prurchase at Jewelflower and The Woolbag. Depending on the fabric you use the pattern will be between 40.5 x 70 cm, and 58.3 x 100.8 cm. The fabric is calculated for you on the pattern in…

    € 10,30
  • Triangels

    Jewelflower®: 81 x 204 stitches

    € 12,90
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