Made to order products

Here you'll find eggs and other silly things that are made to order.

  • Vixenmaker

    There she is!

    The Prefect way to become a cute 'lil vixen.

    € 60.00
  • Egg

    Our standard egg.

    Diameter: 40mm (1.6 inch)
    Length: 60mm (2.4 inch)If you want to buy 6 or more, or want to select a differend firmness, have a look at a clutch of 6 eggs

    € 5.00
  • Eggs, Per clutch of 6
    Eggs, Per clutch of 6

    Our standard egg. Price is per clutch of 6!

    Diameter: 40mm (1.6 inch)
    Length: 60mm (2.4 inch)

    € 25.00
  • Rainbow pride clutch
    Rainbow pride clutch

    Special rainbow pride clutch of standard eggs.

    Diameter: 40mm (1.6 inch)
    Length: 60mm (2.4 inch)

    € 25.00
  • Ready-to-Ship egg
    Ready-to-Ship egg

    A single egg from the Ready-to-Ship collection.

    I can be reached over telegram if you want a look at the currect collection. Otherwise you get random ones, all soft.

    € 3.00
  • Emu Egg
    Emu Egg

    A copy of a real-life Emu egg. its big!

    Diameter: 86mm (3.4 inch)
    Circumference: 270mm (10.6 inch)
    Length: 135mm (5.3 inch)

    € 40.00
  • Orca

    The orca. available in lengths ranging from 18cm (7.1") to 36cm (14")

    € 35.00
  • Snake egg
    Snake egg

    A snake egg! not as wide, but very filling.


    Length Diameter Circumference
    Small 120mm (4.7") 45mm (1.8") 141mm (5.6")
    Medium 160mm (6.3") 55mm (2.2") 172mm (6.8")
    Large 200mm (7.9") 65mm (2.6") 204mm (8.0")

    They also…

    € 12.50

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