The cocoon is designed by design studio VANRENSDESIGN established in Holland. The special design is resulting in a natural casing to bury or cremate a pet. Besides the high quality finish and beautiful appearance which is given to the cocoon, it’s also important with regards to the legislation of the United Kingdom, that the applied materials are fully biogradable and harmless for the environment.

It is permitted to bury your cat, dog or other pet in your own garden or site only if it complies with certain rules:
• Your pet did not die of a zoonoses.
• Buried at a minimum depth of 75 cm. This is to prevent digging by other animals.
• To bury your pet in your garden is allowed untill a weight of 10 kg.
• Your pet is buried in biodegradable materials.
• 'Agriculture' animals such as sheep and horses should not be buried.

If in doubt inquire the local authorities!

Two different sizes are available: cocoon model A (small) and cocoon model B (large).

For wholesale prices please contact (+31)356255185 or

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