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Vanaf 2019 is Bicycle Line dé kledingsponsor van het UCI Professional Continental NERI SOTTOLI SELLE ITALIA KTM. Neri Sottoli reed onder andere de Giro d'Italia in het voorjaar.


Onze materialen.

Bicycle Line maakt voor alle weersomstandigheden kleding. Om tot een zo hoogwaardig mogelijke afwerking te komen wordt er gebruik gemaakt van een grote diversiteit aan stoffen. Daarvoor worden de laatste technische ontwikkelingen op het gebied van materialen gevolgd. In onderstaand overzicht worden de gebruikte stoffen en hun eigenschappen weergegeven. Bij de items van de collecties en accessoires wordt aangegeven welke stof is gebruikt. Vaak worden in kledingitems ook een combinatie van stoffen gebruikt om op specifieke plekken van het lichaam de juiste bescherming of vochtafdrijving te realiseren.


The main advantage of this open-cell polyester fabric is its exceptional wicking properties, keeping the skin dry under the most intense conditions. This highly advanced, extremely breathable fabric feels great and provides an excellent, figure-hugging fit making it perfect for the production of high-performance sports apparel.


High-stretching performance fabric made from microfiber polyester, able to expel sweat away very quickly and to keep the body temperature constant and as a result, helping the rider performance during physical activity. Furthermore, its structure is extremely light blocks UV up to 50 (+UVP50).

PRO - 190

Incredibly comfortable fabric, due to its surprisingly softness and strength. PRO 190 it’s a particular suitable fabric for active sports. Its innovative structure rapidly wicks away humidity, offering great comfort and excellent thermal insulation.


Fabric Tecno-3D is made in highly breathable light polyester. Thanks to its open cellule construction transports away body perspiration providing a faster evaporation. Indeed its particular conformation 3D increases comfort feeling helping air transit during sport.

SCM 48

Fabric made with polyester multi fibres with an open cell structure: body moisture is absorbed quickly and channelled out of the garment. Indeed this configuration allows airflow through the garment and in this way helps the body to stay dry. The result is a refreshing sensation even during the most strenuous activity.


Much more lightweight and breathable, Micro Active Pro stands out for its open-cell porous structure that facilitates the body's moisture to be removal, this decreasing the condensation of sweat, and increasing comfort. Its elastic modulus, in addition, complete a wrapping material that provides excellent performance.


Smooth brushed cotton effect polyester fabric that feels good against the skin and transports moisture away from your skin as soon as possible to keep you dry. Thermox 200 also offers soft touch for maximum comfort whenever you ride.


Medium weight winter fabric used in garments that fit perfectly and have excellent breathability. Gauzing on the inside insures excellent thermal insulation.


Nothing keeps you comfortable longer during rides than Modulo 200, elastic and printable fabric which wicks moisture away keeping the body dry and regulating temperature for better cycling performance.


Winter fabric with excellent moisture wicking properties which prevents sweat accumulation expelling it outwards This task is implemented with an inner piled side which performs thermal functions, keeping the body repaired when temperatures decrease. This fabric also features good elasticity and a moderate barrier against incoming rain.

DROP - warm

Fabric made with performance materials that make the garment elastic and very comfortable. The outer side has a water-repellent treatment that slips water and insulates the body from the outside in conditions of moderate rain, while the inner membrane allows excelling moisture transport. Moreover Drop stands out for a pile and elastic inner side, which provides a high thermal comfort even from extreme cold conditions.


The Tek Series® membrane protects the cyclist from wind, cold and rain and keeps the body in a comfortable internal microclimate. It guarantees high level of protection from atmospheric agents while offering the utmost comfort thanks to its transpiration property. Via an osmosis process, the membrane manages to expel the excess dampness that is produced during sporting activities, and consequently curbs the annoying effect of internal heating.


This double opposite interlacing wrap fabric with balanced weight is characterized by features like robustness, compactness and durability. The greatest comfort and softness are combined with total UV protection (UVP 50+).


Power Stretch fabric guarantees muscular support which reduces muscle vibration and fatigue, thus improving the athlete’s performance. Comfort, freedom of movements and Power effect are the principles boasted by the Lycra Sport yarn. Excellent UV protection (UVP50+).


This fabric, which has a compressor effect, combines the wearability and efficient wicking properties through its double construction. The Power function is enhanced in essential parts of the body because of their greater oxygenation during sport activity, improving performance and reducing recovery time. High UV protection (UVP 50+).


Two way stretch fabric, produced with our exclusive ennoblement technology “thermal by M.I.T.I.®”, performing, resistent, comfortable and easy care.


Fast-recovery super stretch fabric, air permeable, strong, soft, comfortable and easy care.


The characteristic yarn of the Pordoi fabric is highly resistant. This innovative weave has been developed to answer to the specific needs of comfort, breathability, weather protection and durability, ideal for mountain biking.


The particular molecular constitution of this membrane absorbs the sweat generated by the body and transports it away where it evaporates, creating a microclimate between the membrane and the dermis always dry and at a constant temperature. Besides its excellent breathability, this material features exceptional lightweight and windproof properties making it suitable for the construction of jackets and vests.


Wind Breathe Out Micro Light, with outer microfiber layer and inner micro mesh, exceeds its competitors for its delicate finish, that envelops the body providing an incomparable feeling of comfort and excellent windproof protection ideal for mid-seasons. In addition, its small footprint allows a comfortable fitting into the jersey pocket for all eventualities.


Italian engineered stretch fabric created for high performance sport apparel. High quality technical material with compression function and with ideal comfort to enable to achieve the highest athletic performance.


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