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Tokyo Marui M3 Super 90

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One of the most tactical looking shotguns on the airsoft market , the Benelli M3 Super90 offers the same reliable spring action of the SPAS coupled with super sleek H&K styling. Used by many law enforcement agencies world-wide. Same design as the SPAS and uses one shell at a time that holds 30 BBs. Shooting 3 BB's at a time, the Benelli makes an effective room-clearing weapon for CQB scenarios. Effective range is over 100ft! We tested one - see our reviews section for a full story on this terrific shotgun.

Be sure to buy more Marui shotgun shells. Gun already comes with one shell. Each shell holds 30 rounds. Also be sure to stock up on extra BBs. For skirmishing, why not consider also getting a shotgun sling that allows you to store your shotgun shells for easy access.




Product Brand:Tokyo Marui
Product Code:SG005-TM
Weight:2,000 g
Length:1,040 mm
Capacity:30 rds
Power:265 fps
Power Source:Spring
Shooting Mode:SINGLE


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