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Enjoyed the benefits of AIM last year and can't get enough of those discounts, trips, committees and clubs and general AIM vibe? As a loyal member, you now have the opportunity to extend your membership for just €5! 

Buying an AIM membership allows you to support your fellow classmates and contribute to the wider social environment of PPLE student life. All costs from memberships go directly back to our members and their exciting initiatives, and there are of course some perks for you as an individual AIM member! What benefits? Well… Did we mention:

⋆ Book discount ------------------------------------------ 15% on all your school books 
⋆ Four parties • four discounts --------------------------- €5 on every party
⋆ Hitchhiking trip • Spring Trip • Weekend Trip ---------- Only AIM members
⋆ Joining a Committee or Club ---------------------------- Only AIM members

* Your membership is not valid until you've filled out a SEPA-form for the automatic extension in the Board Room! *

Terms and Conditions

A. Automatic Extension

With your AIM membership purchase, you give permission for an automatic membership extension. The extended membership costs are determined by AIM’s General Assembly and are currently €5,- per year. These membership costs will be automatically debited from your bank account every year. With your membership purchase, you commit yourself to signing a SEPA-form in the AIM Board Room. Your membership is not valid until you have signed this form. You can opt-out of the automatic extension at any point by notifying the AIM Board on paper or through e-mail.

B. €5 Extension Deal

Please note that only ‘existing’ members are eligible for the €5 extension deal. Each extended membership will be compared and checked by AIM using membership lists of previous academic years. If you buy an extended membership, you should be able to prove your existing membership of AIM when you come to sign your SEPA-form.

AIM has the right to:

  1. Demand an additional €30 euros for members that fail to prove their existing membership of AIM
  2. At any given time cancel the membership of new members that fail to transfer the additional money to AIM within 5 working days.

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