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1. When creating an account, please register with an email adress under which we can reach you, as we do all our communication via email.
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Thanks to all of your support AIM has grown a lot in the past three years and therefore we have decided that it is time to decrease the membership contributions: Instead of charging 30€ every year, you now only have to buy your membership once (for 35€). In every consecutive year we then only charge you an additional 5€ to extend your membership pass.
So, if you haven't been an AIM member so far, you will have to buy a new membership for 35€. If you have been an AIM member in the past, it is enough to purchase the 5€ extension.
To make things even easier for you, AIM memberships from now on will be automatically extended! This means that you will never have to worry about getting your extension in time. All we need from you is to come to the Board Room within a week after you've bought your membership to sign a SEPA-form, with which you give us permission for an automatic extension. 

  • PPLE Sweater *NEW*
    PPLE Sweater *NEW*
    € 35,00

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